Core Services

Total Rewards Solutions & Employee Benefits Consulting

An organization’s pursuit to attract and attain top talent is a constant challenge with the intricacy of healthcare reform and ever increasing costs associated with funding, managing and administering retirement plans.  Navigating the healthcare exchanges alone can be a multi-state organization’s biggest nightmare.  As life expectancy increases, the costs of funding DB products have resulted in many companies discontinuation of their plans, resulting in less competitive benefit packages.  The balancing act is a tall task to achieve, but Fingertips Consulting and its knowledgeable team are equipped to guide your team with benefits design and selecting the right solutions for the ideal workforce.

Project Management & Business-Data-Systems Analysis

Fingertips Consulting provides planning, requirements gathering, scope analysis, project analysis, budget estimates, sourcing, RFP preparation, Statements of Work, duration forecast and project kick-off.  From concept to execution, we manage business requirements and technical restraints to ensure success throughout the project. The end product solutions are also supported; testing, documentation, lessons learned assimilation, deployment and training. Our team is prepared to support the entire program or integrate within your existing program.  We are committed to deliver on time, on budget and to exceed stakeholders’ expectations.

Process Improvement & Lean Management

Evaluation of business processes and assessment of project performance, applying Lean Management principles result in streamlined procedures and waste reduction.  Rather it is a project or support your organization’s initiatives to measure efficiencies in current desk procedures and business operations, Fingertips Consulting is here to provide pertinent information ad recommendations that are essential in formulating adjustments, as needed.

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

In the Information Age, most, if not all companies have overcome the old adage of “lack of information”.  The struggle today ironically may be how to store and manage the tremendous amount of available information.  Today’s challenge is (1) understanding the information, (2) gathering information in a manner in which it becomes meaningful and (3) utilizing what is learned from this newly valued information to make better decision that potentially minimizes risk and increases profit.  It is also necessary to understand your audience(s) and their specific needs to determine metrics, reporting and dashboards that are both intuitive and user-friendly.

Agility Coaching & Support

The adoption or adaptation of agile principles in software development can be very incremental for those accustomed to more “waterfall” program implementations.  (No pun intended)  It requires team members to consistently embrace change and remain flexible.  It is also necessary to leverage various individual strengths to maximize productivity.  Fingertips Consulting is an agile outsourcing company that supports this process. Agile coaching is available for individuals and teams that require additional agile iteration. We have expertise in coordinating Scrum ceremonies, Product Owner coaching, Business Analysis, Scrum of Scrums and all phases of Testing.

Organizational Excellence

We establish and implement applicable organizational restructuring and processes to support continuous improvement.  Fingertips Consulting conducts research to develop measurement systems and analytics to determine sound modifications to “best practices”.   It includes identification and recommendation of solution(s) to corporate-wide challenges.  We identify opportunities to enhance operational efficiency, strengthen internal communication and avoid risk.

Other Services

Recruitment & Staff Augmentation

Fingertips Consulting offers recruiting services on a project basis to support major hiring initiatives and on an ”on-going” basis to handle your day-to-day recruiting needs. Regardless of the number of positions to be filled, we will manage and complete all sized recruitment campaigns.  Our highly skilled recruiters will work aggressively to identify and recruit your target audience and ensure that the best candidates are presented to you.

Human Resources Management & Administration

HR Management Solutions

Strategic Planning; Workforce Planning & Retention; Human Resources Professional Development and Training; Workforce Diversity & Training; Payroll Administration & Processing; Compensation Administration; Performance Management; Worker’s Compensation Administration; Employee & Labor Relations; Workforce Health, Safety & Security

HR Administration Solutions

New Hire Orientation; Employee Handbook Development and Distribution; Policy Acknowledgement Training; Affirmative Action Administration; Conflict Resolution; Employee Incentive Program; Exit Interviews; EAP Administration; HR Communication and Fulfillment

Social Media Marketing Consulting

Fingertips Consulting develops strategic plans for start-up, projects, non-profit organizations, program initiatives and the like in the vast social media arena.  We provide proven tools utilizing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other media platforms to market your brand, business or vision.  Additionally, we identify RSS feeds and other resources that provide vital information to your audiences.  Bring us your vision and we will help deliver it to fruition.

Government Solutions

Fingertips Consulting provides the enclosed solutions to the Federal and local government.  We are in the process of being certified as Woman owned, Minority Owned and would like the opportunity to subcontract with prime vendors/suppliers that provide similar and/or complimentary solutions.  Our core NAICS codes are as follows:

Primary Codes Description Secondary Codes Description
541612 Human Resources and Executive Search Consulting Services 525190 Other Insurance Funds
525110 Pension Funds 541219 Other Accounting Services
525120 Health &Welfare Funding 541618 Other Management Consulting Services
541611 Administrative Management and General Management Consulting 561110 Office Administrative Services
541990 All Other Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services 561312 Executive Search Services
541511 Custom Computer Programming services 611430 Professional and Management Development Training
541512 Computer Systems Design Services 541513 Computer Facilities Management Services
541519 Other Computer Related Services

For additional information, please contact Fingertips Government Solutions at or 202.848.4349.