• Total Rewards Solutions & Employee Benefits Consulting

Total Rewards, Technology & Business Intelligence Solutions

Fingertips Consulting offers technology and BI solutions in the Total Rewards, Employee Benefits, Healthcare Administration and Compensation fields

Multifaceted BI Development, Requirements Management and
Employee Benefits Consulting

Total Rewards

Helping your organization develop total rewards solutions & employee benefits programs that match your company’s unique requirements.


Project Management

The difference between on time and on budget project execution starts with effective planning, and efficient processes.

Business Intelligence

You make business decisions based on information. It is important to have the right information, at the right time, to make the important decisions that drive your business.

Process Improvement

Waste, in the form of time, effort, scrap, quality, and missed opportunities, significantly impact financial earnings. Moderate improvements can affect the bottom line of companies greatly.

Agility Coaching

The application of Agile Development methodologies for software development can significantly impact the success of a project by enabling a highly flexible and efficient development team.

  • Healthcare, Retirement and Compensation domain expertise

  • Seasoned, results-driven employee benefits consultants

  • Actuarial consulting in Healthcare & Retirement (including pension and 401k)

  • Innovative requirements management

New Development, Database Conversions, System Upgrades and Maintenance

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